Leasing Service

When dealing with the complex world of leasing, or buying and selling properties, you need a real estate broker in Georgia, who is focused on helping you achieve your goals. At Brooks Real Estate Development, we help clients find the best possible place to do business. We strive to represent each client and provide the personalized service that you need to help find the property that works best for you.

Our company was started in 2005 after our president, Todd Brooks, spent four years at a larger commercial real estate firm. Wanting to work directly with clients, Todd started his own business so he could provide the personalized solutions that he knew customers needed.

With more than 20 years of experience, Todd understands the complex world of real estate. He understands how to research, and find the absolute best property for your unique situation while using his financial background to help you negotiate the lease. Whether you have a new office requirement or want to open a new restaurant or hair salon, Todd can help you find the correct space and best lease for your new business venture.

When looking for a new place to do business, look no further than the team at Brooks Real Estate Development. Contact us at (678) 695-3369 today to schedule a consultation.

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Buying Commercial Real Estate

Owning your own commercial property for your business can be a rewarding experience and can be a great investment vehicle. However, buying a commercial property can also be fraught with unforeseen pitfalls that can cause you headache and can cost you dearly. Give us a call here at Brooks Real Estate Development to assist in your experience.

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